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Quot Twilight Quot Brings Fresh Blood To Forks Tourism

Fans of the hit film Twilight, inspired by Stephenie Meyer vampire series, are small swarm Forks Washington Olympic Peninsula, where the novels are set, and out of control Twilight -themed tour, hotel and The food packages. Around 400 fans descended on the Forks right after the first film, said Mike Gurling, which operates the visitor center for the Forks Chamber of Commerce..
16.12.08 07:46

Robert Downey Jr Elementary My Dear Jude

It seems a sort of fight club as RDJ seems pretty bloodied up! Jude Law (who plays Watson) co-stars in the film and a conversation with RDJ in other films yet.. Shows his chiseled body in his new film, Sherlock Holmes, in these new official photos. Robert Downey Jr.
16.12.08 07:46

On This Day December 15 21

Two days later, he finished 18 500. James ends his career with 11 starts. James, of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, makes its debut NASCAR in the month of August 1951 in his home state, at Fort Miami Speedway in Toledo, finishing 26th in a round trip of 200 miles on the half-track. 1922: Bob James was born on that date. It is his only NASCAR race until 1963, when we run 10 races, his final four Petty Enterprises. His best finish is 14th in first Daytona 500 qualifier.
16.12.08 07:46

Shoes Thrown At Bush On Iraq Trip

President George Bush in Iraq was overshadowed by an incident in which two shoes were thrown at him during a press conference. The U.S. A surprise visit by U.S. President has now continued to Afghanistan to inspect troops there.. An Iraqi journalist was wrestled to the floor by security guards after calling President Bush a dog and threw his shoes, just missing the president.
16.12.08 07:47

Carmen Electra Bunny Blackjack Night

The 36-year-old stunner made an appearance as a celebrity Bunny Dealer at the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort, greeting guests including boiler star Giovanni Ribisi.. Reinforcement for a night of casino-style fun, Carmen Electra was at hand as a worker at Playboy 55th anniversary party in Las Vegas Saturday night (Dec. 13).
16.12.08 07:47


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